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Tiger 3 Movie 2023

After Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Pathaan, Tiger ventures into another neighboring country for his next mission. Director Maneesh Sharma keeps him grounded while also showing patriotism with an appearance by Shah Rukh Khan as an eyewitness witness.

Salman makes his presence known, adding an outsized flair and charismatic persona. Additionally, he stands up admirably during action scenes while maintaining the signature swagger associated with his character.


Story line

Tiger 3 tells the story of R&AW agent Avinash Singh Rathore (Tiger), his wife Zoya (Katrina Kaif), and their mission to rescue an old operative. Later, we witness disgruntled former ISI official Aatish Rehman plotting against democracy to transform Pakistan into an authoritarian nation.

Tiger saves the day while also settling a score with Rehman, yet his next mission proves even more perilous after discovering certain details about Zoya which prove to be devastating for him. Together with Zoya they travel to St Petersburg where they meet Jibran Shaikh (Neeraj Purohit), an intelligence source with vital information.

Action sequences in this movie were impressive, yet didn’t leave an indelible mark like other YRF spy flicks do. Focus was too heavily placed on Tiger while Zoya got lost in translation; Kaif didn’t have enough screen time or charisma to truly become an independent protagonist in her own right.

Even with its flaws in plot, Tiger 3 remains a fun movie. Perfect as a popcorn flick or date movie. Emraan Hashmi stands out as Aatish with an effective portrayal that recalls John Abraham’s Jim from Pathaan; yet lacks relatability compared to that movie’s villain.



“Tiger 3,” another thriller from Yash Raj Films, follows its tradition by providing action stars with plenty of jaded swagger, along with gun-wielding heroines as arm candy and plot that offers some kind of story with some form of social messaging. Director Maneesh Sharma handles its scale and grandeur expertly; however, dialogue writing is less impactful in places, making the overall impact less impressive.

Katrina Kaif plays Zoya with poise and depth; her much-anticipated towel fight scene also draws rave reviews. Emraan Hashmi returns as Aatish Rehman; however, while his acting is excellent he cannot overcome the cliches set up by Sharma and screenwriter Shridhar Raghavan for him to play out.

Notable performances include Ranvir Shorey as Gopi Arya (Tiger’s former ISI handler), Siddharthy Bhanu as Revathi, Riddhi Dogra (Tiger’s team member), Kumud Mishra as Rakesh Prasad Chaurasia of RAW hacking team and Sartaj Kakkar as Junior, Zoya’s son and Tiger’s grandson). Pritam has provided an outstanding soundtrack with memorable climax that should help bring home audiences alike. In a year when there have been multiple flops across Bollywood industry “Tiger 3” will leave audiences satisfied. Its success promises big returns at box office!



Tiger 3 was directed by Maneesh Sharma, known for directing soft films for Yash Raj Films. Although Sharma doesn’t do anything special with the action sequences in TIGER 3, most action blocks appear fairly generic and fail to excite you at all – however Salman keeps you entertained throughout with his presence and bold attitude, while Katrina does an outstanding job as a spy elevating these scenes.

Following on the events of Tiger Zinda Hai, War and Pathaan, this action-adventure introduces new characters into the spy world. Salman Khan reprises his role as R&AW agent Avinash Singh Rathore aka Tiger who becomes accused of treason by an Islamist terrorist from Pakistan; Zoya (Katrina Kaif) returns as well to assist Tiger on this dangerous mission while Emraan Hashmi plays Aatish Rehman who serves as his adversary in Pathaan.

The plot of Tiger Zinda Hai may not be universal and requires suspension of disbelief from viewers, however this film doesn’t go overboard in its patriotism compared to previous instalments of this franchise – making it more accessible for the average person and drawing in larger audiences than before. Pritam is responsible for some superb music while Anay Goswamy provided stunning cinematography in some beautiful locations across India.



After 12 years apart, Tiger and Zoya find themselves back together again against an even more dangerous adversary: Pakistani terrorist Aatish Rehman (Emraan Hashmi). Aatish wants a briefcase containing PAL codes so he can become prime minister and launch nuclear attacks on India. While this film doesn’t stray too far from its spy thriller formula, its thrilling action sequences keep viewers engaged throughout.

However, much isn’t good about this film’s first half; its plot is predictable while dialogues lack depth and intrigue. Additionally, due to its excessive length, this portion drags.

However, the second half is much stronger and is an enjoyable ride. The climax is captivating and stands out as a major highlight of the film, while Katrina Kaif’s performance as Salman in its most expensive action scene was one to look forward to. Additionally, Shah Rukh Khan made an appearance that provided pure fan service; unfortunately there weren’t any moments that elevated mass scenes further and thus made for less impactful mass scenes overall; its soundtrack was also decent but not spectacular.