Tiger Nageswara Rao Full Movie Review 2023


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Tiger Nageswara Rao Movie Review 2023

Ravi Teja returns with his new film Tiger Nageswara Rao – an updated adaptation of Robin Hood.

The film opens with an intense train robbery scene, yet fails to impress in other regards; particularly due to an off-pacing situation.

Although Cinematographer and Music are impressive, the subpar visual effects work dampens action sequences significantly.

Story line

This movie starts off strong with an exciting train robbery scene that grabs our attention immediately, before shifting gears into a love track that fails in terms of both writing and acting skills.

The film follows Tiger Nageswara Rao from Stuartpuram, Andhra Pradesh – an infamous criminal so feared even by the Prime Minister’s security detail! Guntur police officer Murali Sharma (Anupam Kher) travels to Delhi when invited by India’s Intelligence Bureau chief Raghavendra Rajput (Raghvendra Rajput). Together with others from Guntur he journeys in order to gather more intelligence regarding this criminal.

As Nageswara Rao’s story progresses, we learn more about his childhood and why he became such an ambitious thief. The film shows us how Nageswara Rao saved his town and its residents from stigmatization for crimes they may have committed; yet as it progresses the movie becomes too long and repetitive with repetitive sequences; Ravi Teja does deliver an excellent performance but this film fails to meet its full potential.


Ravi Teja stands out in particular as an impressive performance as an unrepentant criminal, giving an impressionable portrayal. Hareesh Peradi and Sudev Nair also impress; unfortunately the visual effects work was below par; its action sequences, while well-choreographed, lack any sense of intensity that one would find during real heists.

First half of this film draws audiences in with shades of gray around its protagonist and his humane side, but its lengthiness and repetition in its second half reduces its impact. Still, director Sandeep Reddy has succeeded in telling a powerful and unique tale with an important message for society – such as discrimination meted out to denotified tribes, importance of education over criminality etc. Therefore it is worth watching but may be lacking the generous hero roles Ravi Teja is known for playing.


Ravi Teja excels in the opening scenes as he portrays an audacious thief who steals trains and commits an armed robbery at Prime Minister’s residence. However, director takes too many cinematic liberties in order to portray Ravi as an heroic figure and justify exaggerations and justification that take away from its reality.

The film does have some issues with its screenplay and dialogues; nevertheless, it remains an engaging entertainment with an outstanding performance by Ravi Teja and an engaging narrative. Also featured in key roles are Nupur Sanon, Anupam Kher, Renu Desai Jisshu Sengupta and Gayatri Bhardwaj.

It tries to be both an action drama in its first half and an adaptation of age-old Robin Hood tale in its second, yet fails in both cases. Although boasting an impressive star cast, this film lacks any fresh elements. Dragged drama and monotonous narrative can test patience with characters whose intelligence are misrepresented inadequately; songs and background music become forgettable quickly while its conclusion becomes disappointing and predictable.


The movie features an engaging story and direction, making it a must-watch film for Ravi Teja fans. He gives one of his finest performances ever in this film; playing an intimidating dark character was fascinating to watch; as was all his hard work put into producing this masterpiece of filmmaking.

The film follows an unscrupulous dacoit in Stuartpuram who rises to become a crime figure of legend in his community. We witness his creative heists and the ongoing competition with police led by CI Mouli.

Director Vamsee attempts a grand storytelling style reminiscent of classic cinema, yet his efforts at crafting an impactful drama are compromised by repetitive narrative and tedious scenes.

Ravi Teja turns in an impressive performance as Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja. His dedication is evident as he gives life to his over-the-top protagonist’s persona. Anupam Kher, Jisshu Sengupta and Nassar provide support in their roles; Nupur Sanon and Renu Desai deliver limited roles; Hareesh Peradi fills his villain role adequately while Murali Sharma and Anukeerthy Vas fail to make an impression with brief appearances respectively.


This period action drama stars Ravi Teja in the role of an iconic dacoit. The film boasts a dark side that contrasts with his generally generous persona, creating some compelling cinema. Furthermore, this film addresses discrimination against denotified tribes as well as heartfelt messages regarding miscommunication between different communities.

This film is an engaging tale about an actual hero from history. Its stylish visuals and thrilling action sequences will certainly appeal to fans of its star actor; however, some critics have noted its slow pacing and overdramatized elements as potential flaws.

Abhishek Agarwal Arts produced this film with an outstanding cast including Anupam Kher, Renu Desai, Jisshu Sengupta, Nupur Sanon and Gayatri Bharadwaj. Director Vamsee tried his hardest to create an epic film with an intriguing plot but found himself trying too long and the second half loses momentum; nevertheless it boasts some exciting fight scenes and touching moments; highly recommended to any fans of Ravi Teja’s work!