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Rules Ranjann Movie


Kiran Abbavaram made her acting debut with SR Kalyanamandapam and since then she has received multiple offers to appear in films; unfortunately none of those projects performed at the box office.

Rules Ranjann marks his debut romantic comedy. Starring Neha Shetty, Meher Chahal, Vennela Kishore, Subbaraju Hyper Aadhi and Viva Harsha as key roles.



Story line

Kiran Abbavaram hopes that Rules Ranjann, his latest movie, can revive his career. Neha Sshetty is another prominent name who needs this film to work for her; she looked cute and sizzled during Sammohanuda song but it ultimately proved an epic failure with outdated sequences, archaic comedy lines, sleep-inducing scenes, poor editing/cinematography/sound by Dulip Kumar all being below par.

Mano Ranjan (Kiran Abbavaram), known as Rules Ranjann for his rigid rules in office and home life. One day at a metro station he meets carefree girl Sana (Neha Sshetty), which leaves her stunned; however, upon further inquiry she learns he was her classmate at Tirupathi engineering college, as well as having secretly fallen for her since classmate days; therefore following her from Tirupathi to Mumbai with hopes of winning over her heart

Rathinam Krishna fails to create an engaging storyline and cast, including Kiran Abbavaram and Neha Sshetty as leads, with performances being unremarkable; Vennela Kishore, Hyper Aadi, Viva Harsha and Nellore Sudarshan try their hardest but ultimately do nothing more than disappoint the audience; Makarand Deshpande, Goparaju Ramana Ajay Subbaraj have nothing special to add either.




The film begins in Mumbai with Kiran Abbavaram as Rules Ranjann, a software professional renowned for his strict discipline at work and residential society. When Kamesh, one of his opposite flat residents who frequently complains about him, becomes concerned he tries to win her affection through kindness – ultimately winning her over completely and both falling in love with each other.

Starting off slowly, this movie was filled with cliches and outdated story elements from its beginning. Even director Deven Shakeel’s attempt at comedy didn’t work, with even her jokes featuring Vennela Kishore failing to amuse audiences.

Neha Shetty shines in her performance of Sana. Her performance garners cheers from audiences. Additionally, Neha’s attire and diction are incredible as is her speech in English diction. Additionally, songs in this movie such as Sammmohanuda are surefire crowd pleasers.

The second half of the film delivers more laughs with some standout performances by Sudarshan, Hyper Aadhi and Viva Harsha, who all deliver hilarious lines. Kiran Abbavaram excels as the protagonist; yet, there’s room for improvement in his portrayal.



Cast & Crew

After an impressive debut with ‘Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru’ and building momentum with ‘SR Kalyanamandapam’, Kiran Abbavaram has struggled to impress with his most recent films. Recognizing a need for change, he decided to delve into romantic comedy through ‘Rules Ranjann’; teaming up with Neha Shetty for this movie may revive his career and bring new audiences.

Manoranjan (Kiran Abbavaram), from a temple town, arrives in Mumbai and secures a software job as soon as he meets college love interest Sana (Neha Shetty) from his own town – though things quickly escalate when he begins breaking rules which he was enforced upon in office! Initially falling for her silently but later falling hard when his supervisor discovers him committing office violations to please her, Manoranjan makes the choice between loving Sana more or breaking them both while acting upon those same rules enforced on other colleagues by breaking them himself and leaving him no choice but ultimately leaving him no choice but his employer: his professional code.

There are numerous obvious errors in the script and an uneven storytelling approach. It’s an eye-roller of a film with outdated scenes and archaic comic lines; Neha Shetty is perhaps its sole saving grace in terms of glamour – she shone during ‘Sammohanuda’ but failed to impress as an actress elsewhere in this flick. Music composed by Amrish is fantastic while Dulip Kumar did stellar cinematography work; nonetheless ‘Rules Ranjann’ must go down as one of Kiran Abbavaram’s greatest failures and should stop doing these silly movies altogether.



Kiran Abbavaram has had much success experimenting with comedy genre films; one such attempt being “Rules Ranjann.” Despite initial failure, audiences are enjoying this comedy film for its fun entertainer approach and Neha Shetty’s glamour adds further appeal. Additionally, Neha Shetty’s iconic singing voice adds even further appeal while the song ‘Sammohanuda” has proven immensely popular; making this one an unquestionably enjoyable watch! Despite poor story and character development this movie still managed to reach wide audiences.

The film’s premise is quite ridiculous. When the protagonist lists off his “rules” for apartment residents and later office employees, it becomes laughable. While director Mahendra Singh Chawla attempts to make us laugh in most scenes involving Vennela Kishore and Hyper Aadhi together, their scenes together prove distasteful and the second half is entirely tedious as its plot becomes meaningless.

Kiran as the protagonist is acceptable but doesn’t exhibit his usual charisma; his Rayalaseema accent and acting have become repetitive over the course of all his films. Neha Shetty shines brightest but her role doesn’t provide much excitement or drama compared to that of Neha Shetty herself and other actors in the film; other performances fail to leave an impactful impression as well as Rathinam Krishna’s writing/directing which lacks creative vision; instead using cliched plot points which won’t appeal to all audiences; comedy only average while romance just average; although director attempted creating something different with second half but failed.