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Martin Luther King Movie

This film follows MLK as he battles for voting rights and experiences depression. It details President Lyndon Johnson’s unwillingness to pass a voting rights bill, white supremacists’ violent attacks against Civil Rights Movement workers, as well as division within it.

Puja Kolluri successfully assembled an accomplished cast and weaved it together with an impactful storyline in her film, but its slow narrative and inconsistencies reduced its overall impact.

Story line

Eig presents King as an emotionally complex yet courageous individual who advocated peaceful protest while grappling with his own fragilities and being hunted by an oppressive government. Utilizing newly available FBI documents and hundreds of interviews conducted with those close to King, this film offers a fresh depiction of one of America’s most iconic civil rights leaders.

This critically acclaimed documentary includes interviews with key members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), as well as clips of Dr. King’s speeches and government efforts to discredit him, including illegal wiretapping and blackmail.

Although its production values and lengthy narrative make the film seem like something out of a junior high social studies class, its universal message and relevance make it worth watching. Plus, David Oyelowo’s portrayal of King is absolutely captivating: his actions are gripping while his use of dialect makes for a convincing portrayal. Oyelowo captures how intense it was for African Americans resist violence from police perfectly – this film ranks among my top films this year and should be required viewing for anyone interested in American history or civil rights! It truly deserves its many fans.


Martin Luther King: A Life is an ambitious film adaptation based on a best-selling book by historian David Eig. The movie portrays him as an individual characterized by courage yet emotional turmoil who advocated peaceful protest while struggling with personal flaws as well as being hunted down by an oppressive government that pursued him relentlessly. While its performances can vary significantly throughout, watching Martin Luther King is definitely worth your while!

Sampoornesh Babu, well-known for his comedic timing, plays an essential part in this film that requires significant dramatic portrayal. However, he does not deliver on critical scenes where they require variation; often giving off blank expressions that render him incapable of conveying pain or sorrow effectively.

Oyelowo shines as King. His performance as this charismatic leader was stunning. He managed to move beyond saccharine and sentimental aspects of the character, acting from grand preaching sermons all the way down to quiet desperation when confronted by Coretta about his infidelity. David Oyelowo even manages to capture King’s mysterious and charismatic public persona brilliantly – truly brilliant actorry!


The movie features a compelling plot and great casting, but its slow narration style and lack of logical consistency mar its performance overall. Still, its message gets across effectively.

DuVernay captures the atmosphere of the movement through numerous interior scenes, from kitchen conversations where a woman counters elders’ rationalizations with truth or living room conversations where a wife silently accepts her husband’s infidelity as a profound act of solidarity to King’s inauguration as president of the United States; making their climaxes all the more impactful.

Common and John Legend, Oscar-winning musicians known for their collaboration on films like Selma to Montgomery led by Martin Luther King Jr, provided their voices for this powerful track, serving as a fitting tribute to one of America’s greatest civil rights leaders. The Oscar-winning duo, known for its powerful song, “Glory,” featured prominently in director Ava DuVernay’s 2014 drama about these marches from Selma to Montgomery that King led. This track serves as an anthem of equality as well as paying respects to one of America’s greatest civil rights leaders whose memory lives on.


This film seeks to raise public awareness of the damage done by caste wars and explain the importance of one vote. Puja Kolluru made her directorial debut with Y Not Studios’ Telugu political comedy Mandela; however, her slow narration and some logic gaps prevented the film from reaching its potential.

Jonathan Eig’s New York Times bestseller King: A Life is the inspiration for this film, drawing upon decades of research and interviews with family, colleagues and friends of an extraordinary American hero – from school classroom to pulpit preaching platform, via streets in Birmingham Selma Memphis.

Rock is in final negotiations to direct this biopic through Amblin Partners with Kristie Macosko Krieger and Steven Spielberg as producers, serving as his first drama directorial effort. The film will detail Martin Luther King Jr’s internal and external battles against oppression (such as with the FBI), while showing how his efforts transformed America for better.


Sampoornesh Babu, known for his comedy capers, attempted a serious political satire movie for the first time with Mandela: Telugu Version. Puja Kolluru did an outstanding job adapting it into Telugu; however choosing Sampoornesh as its protagonist who needed to display many variations didn’t work out and his performance was subpar; additionally the slow narration style proved frustrating to watch.

This drama centers on the Civil Rights Movement, its relevance today, and Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. Angela Bassett and Mary J. Blige portray Coretta Scott King and Malcolm X’s wives respectively in this film with archival footage narrated by Samuel L. Jackson providing background.

The movie was produced on a budget of Rs 8 Crores and released to limited screens across India, earning positive reviews from critics and proving an essential watch for history buffs alike. You can access this film with the Jhakas Pack on OTTplay at just Rs 199 per month!