Narakasura Full Movie Review 2023

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Narakasura Movie Review


Narakasura, directed by Rakshit Atluri and set in three different regions across India, tells the tale of two people from disparate backgrounds who fight for their rights against all odds. Packed with unexpected twists and turns, Narakasura features Shiva – a pepper harvester/truck driver from one region who mysteriously vanishes after harvest season has ended.

The movie boasts some stunning visuals that will send chills down your spine, including actor Shatru playing God himself and appearing to be fearsomely frightening.




Narakasura centers around the mysterious disappearances of two pepper harvesters and truck drivers working at a coffee and pepper estate near the Andhra Pradesh-Tamil Nadu border. Their search leads them on an unexpected adventure through various twists and turns before discovering their connection to a kingdom ruled by a transgender tyrant. Directed by debutante director Sebi Jr., this action drama features Rakshit Atluri and Aparna Janardhan as leads, with support provided by Nani Chamidisetty cinematography while editing by Ch Vamshee Krishna enhances the films overall quality.

The movie has received great acclaim from both audiences and critics, garnering an 8.4/10 score on imdb. With lots of exciting scenes and Rakshit Atluri once again demonstrating his acting chops, this film should definitely not be missed by audiences!

Teasers of this film were recently released, and have caught audiences’ interest. Set to hit cinematic theaters on November 3, it has been produced by Dr Ajja Srinivas and Karumuru Raghu of Sumukha Creations and Ideal Film Makers; Sangeerthana Vipin, Shatru, Nassar, Charan Raj SS Kanchi Sriman are cast in key roles and the movie will be made available for Telugu Hindi Malayalam Kannada release.


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Rakshit Atluri shot to prominence with Palasa 1978 and is set for his next movie release titled Narakasura, produced by Sumukha Creations and Ideal Film Makers under Sebastian Nova Acosta Jr’s direction. Recently, Atluri’s team hosted a press meet where they provided more details of this upcoming project.

This film centers around a coffee and pepper plantation situated near the border between Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, where two key characters go missing – a pepper harvester and truck driver respectively. Starring Rakshit Atluri, Aparna Janardhanan and Sangeerthana Vipin in their leading roles; Sebastian is directing it, with music composed by AIS Nawafal Raja providing score.

Narakasura is an engaging drama with an intriguing plot and thought-provoking narration, challenging social norms while encouraging empathy. A great reminder for us all to fight for what’s right, it also features some gripping scenes and emotional moments which create an engaging cinematic experience; though its lack of memorable dialogue and more serious narration might have lessened its overall appeal.


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Narakasura has received overwhelming positive feedback from viewers. The film is an engaging drama that addresses the struggle of individuals who do not conform to traditional gender roles. It will make you reconsider your own perspectives and relationships while reminding us to love and accept one another unconditionally.

Rakshit Atluri’s performance in London Babulu and Palasa 1978 stands out. His powerful portrayal can be found here as well, making an impressionable star appearance that keeps audiences intrigued throughout. There are exciting twists and turns throughout this movie which keep audiences riveted to their seats!

Directed by Sebi Jr, Rakshit Atluri stars as Rakshit alongside Aparna Janardhan and Sangeerthana Vipin in this Sebi Jr-directed flick produced by Dr Ajja Srinivas and Karumuru Raghu of Sumukha Creations and Ideal Filmmaker respectively. Set for release on 3rd November.

The film follows the disappearance of a pepper harvester and truck driver working at a coffee and black pepper estate near the border between Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, leading to several intriguing twists as their search leads them closer to discovering a kingdom ruled by transgender royalty. There are spectacular action sequences throughout, creating an immersive narrative experience.




Narakasura is an engaging film with a compelling narrative, challenging social norms while providing a fresh look at relationships and love. Additionally, this story serves as a powerful reminder of empathy and acceptance in relationships and life in general.

Set against the scenic background of a coffee and pepper plantation near the border between Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, the film centers around a truck driver and pepper harvester who mysteriously vanish, leading them on an unexpected adventure that uncovers connections to a kingdom ruled by a transgender monarchy.

Rakshit Atluri rose to fame following his stellar performance in Palasa 1978. Recently he met with media to share details about this new flick and expressed his delight that audiences still remember him after such an extended gap between films.

Narakasura, directed by Sebastian Noah Acosta Junior and produced by Dr. Ajja Srinivas and Karumuru Raghu under Sumukha Creations banner, stars Rakshit Atluri, Aparna Janardananan Shatru and Sangeerthana Vipin in lead roles. Lyrics by Jayanthi and music composed by AIS Nawaf Raja will accompany cinematography handled by Nani Chamidisetty while Ch Vamshee Krishna will manage editing duties for this film release scheduled on November 3rd!