Ala ninnu cheri full movie Review in telugu



Ala Ninnu Cheri Movie Review


Ala Ninnu Cheri Movie is an action-packed entertainment film directed by Maresh Shivan and stars Dinesh Tej of Husharu fame alongside Hebah Patel and Payal Radhakrishna in its cast.

This movie stands out with its captivating cast, exquisite music, and crisp cinematography. National Award-winning stunt choreographer Rama Krishana adds a distinct Telugu flavor to the action sequences.


Dinesh Tej


Dinesh Tej and Hebah Patel star in this romantic drama exploring the intricacies of love. Produced by Kommalapati Sridhar under Viision Movie Makers banner and directed by Maresh Shivan, the film also stars Chammak Chandra, Mahaboob Basha, and Kalpalatha in key roles – set for release on November 10th.

Maresh’s directorial abilities are on full display in Ala Ninnu Cheri, which explores a universal theme: love vs career. It features strong ensemble performances as well as technical details that elevate its story; however, due to its lengthy runtime it would have benefited from tighter editing.

Dinesh delivers an earnest performance as Ganesh, an ambitious young man from a small town who dreams of becoming a filmmaker. Hebah makes for an impressive village belle whom Ganesh falls for; her range and credibilty give the role credibility on screen and are truly enjoyable watching on screen. Additionally, the supporting cast also put on an impressive performance in this movie.


Hebah Patel


Ala Ninnu Cheri has made headlines due to its young cast and debutant director at its helm, as it stirs excitement among moviegoers. From its trailer, first look and motion poster alone, viewers have shown enthusiasm for its release date. Ala Ninnu Cheri tells an entertaining and heart-warming tale that explores conflicts between love and career in an engaging narrative style.

Hebah Patel made her Telugu film debut with Geetha 2021 and quickly rose to stardom with her performance in this movie. Her performance is noteworthy; it carries the entire movie with ease as a confident village girl wishing for success as an artiste.

Hebah is one of the most promising actresses in Tollywood and her performances have received high acclaim by audiences. With an array of projects currently under her wing and promises of entertaining fans with her intense performances in future projects such as Vallan (her first Tamil cinema film after 8 years away), Aadya, as well as two Telugu projects on her agenda, Hebah promises an exciting career ahead.


Payal Radhakrishna


Ala Ninnu Cheri offers an enjoyable cinematic experience due to its dynamic performances, exquisite music, and skillful cinematography. Set during pre-digital times and chronicling career versus love conflicts – Ala Ninnu Cheri stands out thanks to director Maresh Shivan’s unique vision and its engaging script that make this movie truly outstanding.

Pacing may be slow at times, but the ensemble cast keeps audiences engrossed until the very end. Dinesh Tej is particularly impressive as he seamlessly switches from emotional scenes to action sequences while Hebah Patel exudes poise as she adeptly balances homeliness and boldness within her role. Payal Radhakrishna excels during pre-interval scenes while all supporting actors provide invaluable contributions throughout.

Rama Krishan’s breathtaking stunt choreography brings extra action and drama to fight sequences, and Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao’s editing is noteworthy, although some cuts could have been made. Subash Anandh’s music adds romance while Chandrabose writes emotive lyrics, with cinematography by Kotagiri Venkateshwara being outstanding; overall this movie should not be missed by movie lovers and enthusiasts. Overall it is worthy addition to Telugu romantic drama genre.


Maresh Shivan


Maresh Shivan’s script explores the tension between love and career in an engaging story, but unnecessary scenes and Hebah Patel’s celebrity appearances diminish its overall excellence. Additionally, its length poses as an issue while tighter editing would have helped elevate more predictable scenes.

Dinesh Tej of Husharu fame plays the main character, while Hebah Patel and Payal Radhakrishna will star as other heroines. Maresh Shivan is responsible for creating the storyline, screenplay and dialogues of this movie which is produced by Kommalapati Sai Sudhakar and presented by Viision Movie Makers.

Dinesh Tej’s dance and action sequences leave an indelible mark, showing incredible variety as both an irresponsible villager and an adult city dweller. Hebah also delivers an admirable performance, but her stand-out among her peers remains limited. I Andrew is an excellent cinematographer while art director PG Vinda does a stellar job of art direction; Subhash Anandan composes melodious, soulful songs that add life and romance; unfortunately the movie lacks depth due to overly familiar scenes and cliches; nonetheless the other cast are very adequate; renowned cinematographer I Andrew does a stellar job with I Andrew’s excellent cinematography while art director PG Vinda does her magic in her art direction job of course; film makes for enjoyable viewing but lacks depth due to familiar plotlines that feel too familiar.


Supporting cast


Even with its predictable storyline, this film’s ensemble cast delivers commendable performances. Their on-screen chemistry between lead pair and subtly amusing humor elevate the film into an entertaining cinematic journey.

Dinesh Tej displays his acting prowess and carries the film confidently on his shoulders, while Hebah Patel excels as a village belle, giving life to her role through engaging expressions.

Kalpalatha, Khedar Shankar, Divya Shatru, Mahesh Achanta, Chammak Chandra Basha Anashvi Reddy Sri Lalitha Mirchi Madhavi Keerthi Naidu Josh Ravi Shivanya Mehra and Pooja Kasekar all lend weight and substance to this drama. But, commercial elements and double-entendre dialogue seem to detract from the overall narrative. Still, the film features captivating music and stunning cinematography – hallmarks of quality cinematography. Andrew Babu’s camera captures the breathtaking sights and sounds of Visakhapatnam while Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao’s editing is competent. Subhash Anandh’s romantic soundtrack from Ala Ninnu Cheri perfectly complements its narrative through songs seamlessly integrated into its soundtrack – providing fans with an entertaining wholesome romantic journey.