Matti Katha Full Movie Review 2023

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Matti Katha Movie

Matti Katha is an engaging tale set against the picturesque setting of an active village, directed by Pavan Kadiyala and featuring authentic depictions of life among villagers while also touching upon issues related to land encroachments.

This movie boasts an amazing cast, including newcomers Ajay Ved, Maya Mannu, Kanakavva Gotte and others. Filled with scenic and dialogue humor as well as emotional scenes that tug at heartstrings, this film promises an entertaining viewing experience for audiences of all kinds.


Story line

Although ‘Matti Katha’ may lack the prestige of a blockbuster film, its earnest performances more than make up for its smaller budget. The story reminds audiences that movies still hold power to uphold and inspire, and director Pavan Kadiyala deserves credit for selecting an important plotline. As movie enthusiasts it is essential that we support such narratives so producers will continue creating narratives with meaning for audience enjoyment on multiple levels.

This film follows four college friends as they reside in a village and strive to make ends meet. Additionally, the film highlights how land encroachments threaten its residents – Ajay Ved, Kanakavva and Maya Mannu are featured as main protagonists.

Ajay Ved gives an outstanding performance as Bhoomayya. He exudes youthful innocence and aspirations while simultaneously conveying emotional depth in each scene he’s in. Kanakavva and Maya shine as well in their roles.



This film captures the raw and rustic aspects of village life with impressive performances by its ensemble cast. Ajay Ved’s performance as Bhoomayya shines especially bright, depicting an emotionally complex character on screen.

Organic humor and soulful music add depth and authenticity to this movie, while cinematographer Sainath captures rural landscapes and local cultures with precision, immersing audiences into this special setting.

This family drama touches upon universal themes like friendship, youth joys and the loss of ancestral land. Though its first half does face some pacing issues and lacks commercial elements that might broaden its mass appeal; nonetheless, this compelling family film remains worth seeing.



Matti Katha, unlike many telugu films that tend to focus on escapist cinema, explores the raw and rustic nature of village life. With an excellent mix of emotions, comedy, drama and strong performances from an ensemble cast including Ajay Ved, Maya Kanakavva, Balveer Singh Akshay Sai Raju Aluri Bathurst Tena Ruchitha amongst others – directed by Pavan Kadiyala for Mic movies bankrolled by Appi Reddy; edited by Uday Khumbam and Ram Krishna while music composed by Smaran Sai.

Matti Katha’s success has garnered critical acclaim and nine awards at international film festivals. A heartwarming tale about friendship, love and the choices we make that shape our lives; this film should not be missed by Telugu audiences! Support movies like Matti Katha to ensure filmmakers continue creating films with meaningful narratives like Matti Katha.



“Matti Katha” offers an authentic depiction of rural village life while delving into the issue of land encroachment. Through emotional resonance and Smaran Sai’s beautiful music compositions, as well as cinematography that captures rural landscape and local culture beautifully, “Matti Katha” portrays rural village life convincingly and brilliantly.

Matti Katha is a captivating tale about friendship and life decisions told through strong performances by its ensemble cast. It features natural humor and soothing music which make the film enjoyable to watch; cinematography adds authenticity of rural setting with use of folk songs adding further touch. A must-see movie for Telugu fans; Matti Katha is also an invaluable treat for rural drama enthusiasts and is sure to leave audiences with a positive outlook! This movie serves as a testament to newcomers talents while providing a refreshing break from mainstream movies made under pressure by mainstream studios!