Leo Full Movie Review 2023



Leo Movie Review 2023

Leo is an endearing and humorous animated feature film worthy of watching on the big screen, with well-timed gags and no excess mayhem – one of this year’s finest animated features.

This story follows an elderly tuatara longing for adventure and fearful of dying who finds solace with children assigned by strict substitute teacher Ms. Malkin as his temporary family.

Story line

Leo the Tuatara longs for wild places and worries about his legacy; determined to make these last few years count. However, when an intimidating substitute teacher named Cecily Strong revives a class pets practice of sending them home with students as part of a responsibility lesson plan, Leo devises a plan which could endanger his life.

Leo is an endearing movie that will touch audiences of all ages with its gentle humor and heartfelt messages about growing up, such as communicating feelings openly. Plus, its humorous touches won’t fail to put a smile on your face!

Though the film aims to be funny, it never overdoes it with gags or become repetitive. Pacing is strong and running jokes such as kindergarten children acting odd or an automatic drone repeating its name are used well throughout.

Although its second half falls flat, this movie remains enjoyable. Joseph Vijay as Leo Das/Parthiban makes for an impressive characterization; similarly, Gautham Vasudev Menon as Sathya and Mysskin as Joshy Andrews provide strong performances while Madonna Sebastian as Deepa Andrews gives solid ones too. Anirudh Ravichander provides high-quality background score that amps up action scenes during its opening half.


Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison production company released Leo, an animated feature film which is both entertaining and warm-hearted. It follows a disgruntled classroom lizard who learns at parent-teacher conferences that he may only have one year left of life and decides to escape his Florida school aquarium and see more of the world. Leo offers important lessons about kindness, love, individuality and overall individualism as it leads to an emotionally satisfying conclusion.

The movie boasts an excellent cast and some clever comedy writing. Rather than resorting to over-the-top mayhem that many animation screenwriters seem to think is mandatory, this film takes an approach more subdued. Running jokes about an overprotective drone, kindergarteners acting like little madmen and an offbeat gyroscope that looks similar to Godzilla are particularly amusing.

Although its songs and animation work may not be of the highest caliber, there’s enough heart in this story to keep viewers engaged and interested. Additionally, it explores mental health by showing that even best friends may suffer from anxiety, jealousy, envy and self-doubt; an important lesson both children and adults alike can learn. Furthermore, this movie illustrates why expressing feelings rather than bottling them up is much healthier option.


Leo is an honest animated movie that breaks from tradition by exploring its characters’ real-life insecurities rather than exploiting traditional villainy tropes. Boasting impressive animation and humor that hits just right, Leo features colourful character designs and catchy songs to drive forward its narrative arc – as well as featuring Adam Sandler who manages to convey emotions and motivations of each of his characters via his voice acting skills.

The movie revolves around Leo, an aged 74-year-old lizard and Squirtle, his turtle friend. Both creatures are held captive in their classroom terrarium and long for freedom just like other lizards do; however, Mrs. Malkin devises a different plan; each 5th grade student must take one of the class pets home on weekends – Leo becomes part of each student’s household! He becomes their counselor in helping them deal with any personal challenges.

Though its songs may seem corny and predictable, Leo teaches an important life lesson: Life may not always be easy but can still be satisfying. Leo is an entertaining tale for both children and adults alike that reminds us not to fear change!


Adam Sandler provides the voiceover narration for this heartwarming film about children and parents. He plays Leo, an old class pet stuck in one classroom for decades – witnessing generation after generation of 10-year-olds come and go has enabled him to become an expert on child anthropology.

After realizing he only has a year left to live, a man decides he needs to make every day count. Starting by giving advice to his class of children – which turns out to be some of the greatest and most impactful life lessons ever heard; also serving as a reminder that being an adolescent or teenager can be challenging, sometimes needing guidance or support in order to succeed.

Leo offers some outstanding comedy moments. Its kid-centric jokes are entertaining without being overtly sexual or offensive, and there’s some excellent smart humor present as well – one particular humorous gag involves Eli’s immune deficiency and its mention by an “Airborne Child Safety Drone”, for instance, is testament to this film’s intelligence.

Leo is an entertaining animated movie suitable for all members of the family, featuring well-developed characters and catchy music that keeps audiences engrossed throughout its runtime. The animation is bright yet not overly flashy while voice acting is also good; Leo manages to sidestep some of the pitfalls often found in other animated movies.