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Aadikeshava Movie

Uppena star Panja Vaishnav Tej is back with a mass action flick directed by first time director Srikanth N Reddy titled Aadikeshava and features Sreeleela as the lead role alongside Radhika Sarathkumar, Joju George, and Aparna Das.

Balu (Panja Vaisshnav Tej) leads an idyllic life with his family and works at Earthy Cosmetics, until his life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers who his biological parents are and the history behind their temple.


Aadikeshava is an average commercial film without much originality to offer. The film attempts to portray Vaishnav Tej as a mass hero with action sequences and family emotions; however, this falls flat on both fronts; moreover, its overdose of violence and bloodshed will make you cringe.

Aadikeshava follows Aadikeshava’s struggle to defend his family and temple against an oppressive Seema warlord, while featuring an intriguing hero character and impressive actress performance from Jacqueline Bisset as well as cinematography and music that elevate its overall appeal.

After making his Tollywood debut with Uppena, youngster Vaisshnav Tej was hoping for another mass entertainer that could live up to its promise. Unfortunately, director Srikanth N Reddy failed to impress audiences with his formulaic approach and outdated storytelling, creating a movie which felt reminiscent of early 2000s faction films, with Sreeleela as its only redeeming factor and Joju George only given limited screen space with no depth in his role as villain.


Panja Vaisshnav Tej is an attractive hero, but his screen presence alone cannot elevate this movie. He does not create any chemistry between himself and Sreeleela (Sreeleela is simply another commercial heroine role despite her beauty), who fails to ignite this film with any spark whatsoever.

Story is rather predictable and old-fashioned; debutant Srikanth seems unable to come up with fresh scenes for his hero to perform in. From his initial scene fighting an ambulance and giving way, to entering Chitra’s office where he dances to popular songs – everything here is generically similar to other commercial films.

Balu (Vaisshnav Tej) enjoys his work at Earthy Cosmetics with his father and falls in love with Chitra (Sreeleela), but this all changes when he learns that he has an uneasy alliance with Jangareddy (Joju George), the villainous mining magnate running Earthy Minerals. How Balu seeks revenge against Jangareddy makes up the remainder of this film with decent runtime and eye-catching visuals.


Srikanth N Reddy makes his directorial debut with this film produced by Sithara Entertainments and featuring Panja Vaishnav Tej and Sreeleela as leads. However, its plot remains predictable while full of cliched action sequences; music by GV Prakash Kumar adds some flair but this endeavor fails to make an impressionful mark with viewers.

The first half of the movie is tedious and dull, consisting of 10 minutes of hero family scenes, five minutes of villain’s introduction in mining area, ten minutes of interactions between protagonist and heroine, one silly comedy track and another song between them all.

This movie attempts to develop mass elements for Vaishnav Tej, but fails to engage viewers. Although Sreeleela elevates certain scenes with her glamour, the movie itself is typical early 2000s faction films mash-up with excessive violence as its main downfall. Although commercially successful, this may soon become forgotten; serving as an important test case for new-age heroes who take up full-fledged mass hero roles.


GV Prakash did an admirable job as composer for this movie. Unfortunately, its soundtrack doesn’t leave an impressionful lasting memory; only a handful of songs stand out compared to its forgettable rest.

Aadikeshava tells the tale of Balu (Vaisshnav Tej), an upbeat youngster living with his family and working at a cosmetic company owned by Chitra (Sreeleela). However, his life changes when Jangareddy terrorises their area, forcing Balu to fight to protect his loved ones from him and save his own family from harm.

Aadikeshava is an unremarkable Rayalaseema revenge flick. The plot is cliche-ridden and follows a formula popular in the 90s and 2000s, though there are some humorous moments throughout. There’s enough fun there but at times the narrative becomes tedious – particularly as far as giving its star enough opportunities to showcase his acting chops; Joju George, in his Telugu debut role as mass hero looks rather ordinary on-screen while heroine just stands there as eye candy – though her supporting cast are adequate enough.


The movie was produced on a budget of 20 crores and stars Uppena stars Panja Vaishnav Tej and Sreeleela as its lead roles. Directed by Srikanth N Reddy and produced by Fortune Four Cinemas, Sithara Entertainments and Srikara Studios banners; its premiere was held on November 24.

This film follows young Balu as he seeks justice against those who wrong him in order to avenge his family. It is a mass drama with great action elements. Joju George plays an average role, though there are moments that will give audiences goosebumps such as when his hero burns a goon alive in front of a temple. Unfortunately, most of this movie falls flat; dialogues become repetitive, narration dull and songs lack substance; the editing provided by Navin Nooli and cinematography by Dudely are good; songs still manage a decent outing!