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Jetty Movie


This film tackles several societal issues with an important message about compassion and understanding; yet at times its story may feel slow or monotonous.


Jetty Movie Review 2023

The film follows the lives of fishermen living in Kataripalem village, Andhra Pradesh. Led by respected community leader Katari Jalayya and led by their chief, Katari Jalayya, is threatened by middlemen and natural disasters such as cyclones. Their livelihood is threatened further when boats begin sinking; therefore they urgently require a jetty which would protect their boats and save their livelihood – unfortunately however this task proves more challenging than anticipated and requires significant challenges be met head on!

Meenakshi (Nandita Swetha) and Sriram (Maanyam Krishna), daughter and teacher partner, work together to see that Jalayya’s jetty is built. However, they encounter resistance from local MLA Dasaratha Ramayya as well as Mime Gopi; furthermore a corrupt politician wants to stop its construction for his own selfish reasons.

Though the film does an admirable job of setting an atmosphere and depicting the challenges and internal conflicts of villagers, it falls short in keeping its focus. Although its cast provides strong performances and visually captivating cinematography, disjointed storytelling, inconsistent pacing, and underdeveloped plotlines may cause viewers to be disappointed in what should otherwise be a well-rounded storyline.

Visual effects in this film are impressive, helping to draw viewers deeper into the world of the villagers. Watching it may touch your heart while prompting deep thought on life; but avoid watching if looking for something lighter.

Jetty, a four-part BBC crime thriller series written and directed by Cat Jones for Firebird Pictures features Jenna Coleman as detective Ember Manning. Cat Jones wrote and directed it with Archie Renaux as Laura Marcus Bo Bragason Tom Glynn-Carney Ruby Stokes Amelia Bullmore Weruche Opia Shannon Watson all collaborating as ensemble cast members – it will air this summer on both BBC1 and iPlayer.