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Japan Movie 2023


Karthi stars as master thief Japan, who is being pursued by police forces. Karthi gives an impressive performance as this dangerous yet endearing character.

With its rich cultural history of gender-bending performance, this delightful romance explores family and the power of self-expression. Fans of Makoto Shinkai will particularly enjoy his signature visual flair which continues in this film.



Story line


After a 200 crore-worth jewellery heist at a store, Japan (Karthi) is being investigated as the mastermind. All Southern states’ police forces have begun looking for him; however, he insists he did not commit the crime.

Attempts at injecting humor into a serious narrative only serve to increase its disappointment. Karthi’s impressive acting and unique dialogue delivery are the highlights of the film; however, these are overshadowed by unnecessary scenes which add no real substance or purpose to its plot.

Raju Murugan’s narrative approach is admirable, yet his film struggles to find its footing with its uninspiring and repetitive plot. Characters – from Japan’s underlings to ministers, self-centered cops and glamour queens – remain static without creating an engaging environment; furthermore, its action sequences were shot on handheld cameras which did not help create engaging atmosphere. I found this movie truly dissatisfying and would advise staying away; there are far better options out there this weekend.





He is one of the most prominent actors in Tamil cinema and enjoys an immense fan base throughout India. Known for his charming nature and ability to portray any role, in this film he stars as an heist-comedian character and delivers an outstanding performance courtesy of director Raju Murugan’s artistic direction – making this film both enjoyable and fun-filled for viewers!

This film follows a notorious master thief, Japan, as they steal over Rs 200 crore worth of jewellery from a jewelry store and escape police pursuit. Karthi stands out with his hilarious dialogues and impeccable acting; these features of the film stand out immensely.

KS Ravikumar, Jithan Ramesh, Sunil and Bava Chelladurai make up the cast. Music was composed by GV Prakash Kumar while editing was handled by Philomin Raj and cinematography was done by Ravi Varman. The film provides audiences with an enjoyable comedy-drama experience while its action scenes keep the viewers on edge throughout.





An audacious jewellery showroom heist launches the hunt for Japan, an infamous criminal who operates by his own laws. Director Raju Murugan attempted to create an amusingly bizarre satirical film, yet Karthi’s peculiar voice tone and dialect did not add anything positive to his performance as our hero.

Karthi plays Japan, an engaging yet charismatic master thief with HIV. Even with its thin plotline, his charm and strong performances carry the film through to its end; Anu Emmanuel shines as his love interest.

The movie features several captivating scenes that aren’t properly executed, resulting in an inconsistent narrative. GV Prakash Kumar’s score adds an unnerving undercurrent while Ravi Varman’s cinematography stands out. Unfortunately, Philomin Raj’s editing leaves much to be desired and leaves the film slow and sluggish at times; ultimately failing to meet expectations set forth by its makers.





An audacious jewelry showroom heist is the catalyst for Japan, a notorious thief with no set rules and unique modulation by Karthi (the titular character) to find him, while Anu Emmanuel adds her trademark smiles as Anu adds spice with her comic timing and Anu is delightful as Anu. However, Raju Murugan’s script falters due to its lengthy running time and repetitive scenes.

Although its premise was intriguing, this movie falls far short of fulfilling expectations. After an engaging start and exciting initial minutes, the story fizzles out quickly. Though attempts at humor come across, most don’t land successfully; indeed many are quite off-putting or off-topic such as one scene in which Japan learns of her HIV positivity from a doctor.

Japan is largely disappointing. It’s unfortunate to see such an accomplished actor like Karthi wasted on such an uninteresting story. A heist thriller should be captivating; unfortunately this one falls flat due to slow pacing and poorly developed characters; even its cat-and-mouse game between Japan and the police department fails to keep audiences engaged with what’s happening on screen.




Japan is an ambitious attempt at mixing political commentary with subtle dialogue humor into an action film. Although the concept is intriguing and cast performances such as those delivered by Karthi, Anu Emmanuel and Sunil are impressive; unfortunately however, Japan deviates quite often from its comic angle.

The story follows Japan, an irrepressibly passionate thief known for robbing jewelry shops. Aside from being known for this act, Japan stands out from traditional hero roles by having his first four teeth painted gold and often sporting velvet fabric jumpsuits. Additionally, he regularly watches films and makes his own movies!

The film opens with a dramatic jewellery showroom robbery that sets off a chase for Japan. While initially slow-paced and somewhat tedious, things pick up towards its conclusion and fans of gangster flicks should enjoy this one; though its plot and screenplay could use some improvement.