Ghost Full Movie Review 2023


Ghost Movie

Hijinks ensue when an anonymous person and his gang seize a prison, holding officials and inmates hostage. ACP Chengappa is called in to resolve this matter and soon discovers Dalavayi Muddanna – commonly referred to as Big Daddy within criminal circles – as its mastermind.

He discovers that ghosts will stop following him if he fulfills their wishes; one wants him to recover a radio, another one wants her skating lessons taken care of, while a third just wants cotton candy!


Story line

Though this movie lacks songs and an established heroine, it still manages to grab viewers with its fast-paced action sequences and unique plot focusing on technical excellence and cinematic art – yet fails in reaching its desired goal fully.

This film was an unconventional production, shot entirely on iPhone 8. Anthony Mark Streeter gave an outstanding performance as Tony Ward, recently out from prison and having difficulty transitioning back into society. His character is charming yet bold with some serious emotional baggage to work through.

The film centers around a prison that has been taken over by Big Daddy, an underworld figure renowned for his violent criminal activities. ACP Jayaram, the police chief in charge of his region, is called in to resolve this crisis; though unaware of exactly what is going on he knows that protecting his family comes first.

The film offers audiences a thrilling journey, taking them through an engaging plot with unexpected turns and twists. There are breathtaking action sequences and an outstanding performance by Pyper Braun; nevertheless, its script could have been more complex; nonetheless, fans of genre must watch this thrilling adventure film!


Cast & Crew

Director MG Srinivas has created an exciting storyline featuring an audacious prison hijack and heist. Although some elements like an artificial powder storm may seem far-fetched, they successfully provoke emotions in audiences. Shiva Rajkumar’s portrayal of Chengappa stands out, his performance standing the test of time; body language and staring help set the mood perfectly while his hits, beats, and kills without issue!

David Harbour has recently impressed audiences with his performances in Happy Death Day films and Freaky. However, one of his standout roles has been as Ernest the voiceless ghost on Netflix’s We Have a Ghost; making Ernest incredibly relatable even though he can’t speak while providing big laughs with physicality and pantomime.

Unfortunately, this movie fails to address Kresna’s suicide with any care or empathy. Instead, its discussion of his mental health issues appears like an attempt at taking advantage of him. Additionally, there’s no insight into his struggles as an orphan.


IMDb Rating

Ghost follows an exciting hijacking storyline, interweaved with money heist elements. It starts when an unknown individual and their gang take hostages at Karnataka’s central prison before ACP Chengappa arrives on scene to restore order and set out on an action-packed search to track down those behind the hijacking – ultimately leading to a confrontation between ACP Chengappa and crime boss Dalavayi Muddanna, commonly known as Big Daddy.

David Harbour gives an outstanding performance, and the movie does a fine job of not overdoing special effects. While its plot may be familiar, thanks to smart script writing and a likeable cast it feels fresh – making this an excellent pick for fans of haunted house movies such as Casper or Burton’s Beetlejuice.

Although the script and acting could use some improvement, there’s plenty of humor here. Furthermore, it’s refreshing to witness a straight-to-video release with an emphasis on plot and character over songs and traditional heroines; additionally for a film made on what amounts to an overdraft credit card budget with stunning action and effects; though those familiar with no-budget films might find some dialogue to be somewhat monotone and flat.


Overall Rating

This movie is an exhilarating action thriller that keeps audiences spellbound throughout. Boasting an engaging plot and featuring veteran actors like MG Srinivas, Anupam Kher, Archana Jois Jayaram and Sathyaprakash as leads, audiences will find this film riveting from start to finish.

Though ambitious in scope, this movie never feels grandiose or overblown. Instead, it follows a familiar formula while keeping things interesting with smart scripting, strong direction, and outstanding ensemble performances from its ensemble cast. Furthermore, some deeper themes are explored within Kevin and the wordless ghost’s relationship as well as in their father-son dynamic.

Though this film primarily centers on an underworld kingpin’s attempt to take control of a prison through hijacking, it also examines privatisation concepts for this unique perspective that adds suspense.

This film is filled with thrilling moments, highlighted by Shivarajkumar’s stunning portrayal of Big Daddy – an unrelenting underworld kingpin with strong gunplay sequences throughout. His character proves himself worthy to watch during several powerful gunplay sequences throughout.

David Harbour delivers an outstanding performance as the wordless ghost, creating a compelling and fully realized character. Supported by an extraordinary cast, Mahendra Simha delivers stunning cinematography while Arjun Janya creates emotive music compositions.