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Director Teja, known for creating captivating love stories with his movies, returns with Ahimsa. It marks Abhiram Daggubati’s debut.

Raghu (Abhiram), who stands for nonviolence, and Ahalya who advocates violence are at odds over who should govern. After Ahalya was raped by two individuals, Raghu went to court seeking justice on her behalf.


Story line

Raghu (Abhiram Daggubati) lives by the principle of nonviolence as taught by Mahatma Gandhi, but when his girlfriend Ahalya is molested he does not remain passive and instructs the perpetrator in how important respect for women should be taught. Thus begins an extraordinary adventure with a shocking ending!

Director Teja has produced films with similar themes in the past, but this one fails to connect with audiences due to an outdated narrative and story arc. Though there were moments where you thought momentum might build up again, nothing ever seems to happen and dialogue and actions scream “dated”. Sadha and Rajat Bedi give strong performances while Manoj Tiger fails to impress; Geethika seems like she is trying too hard when portraying emotional scenes with overdone tole.


Cast & Crew

Raghu (Abhiram Daggubati), an impoverished villager who strictly follows Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of Ahimsa (nonviolence). When his fiance Ahalya is sexually violated and seeks justice from Raghu, despite his distaste for violence – Lakshmi (an attorney supporting Raghu).

Teja is well-known for crafting intimate romantic tales like Chitram, Jayam and Nuvvu Nenu; yet his latest project Ahimsa falls flat and fails to connect with its target audience.

Abhiram Daggubati delivers an admirable performance in his debut film. Geethika Tiwary shines, as does Sada in her cameo appearance – both add depth to proceedings. However, the rest of the cast was average – music by RP Patnaik is outdated and lacks appeal while production values were satisfactory but editing could have been tighter as there are several redundant scenes and an anticlimactic ending which leave audiences unsatisfied.



Abhiram Daggubati, son of Rana and Suresh Babu, makes his acting debut in this movie. He looks handsome while giving an excellent performance; unfortunately though, both screenplay and direction fall flat.

Raghu (Abhiram) adheres to a philosophy of nonviolence while his cousin Ahalya (Geetika) prefers violence. When Ahalya is sexually abused by an influential family, Raghu vows to fight for justice on her behalf; but encounters many obstacles in doing so.

Director Teja seems stuck in the 2000s when it comes to his lead characters’ attire and behavior in this film. Furthermore, its cat-and-mouse scenes in the second half lack imagination or creativity; Ahimsa fails to impress even with excellent performances by Rana and Suresh Babu who took part in Ahimsa; perhaps they were hoping that director Teja would create something impressive on his directorial debut… unfortunately that didn’t happen; Ahimsa was an epic failure!



After a lengthy absence, director Teja makes his long-awaited comeback with Ahimsa. It marks Abhiram Daggubati’s debut – grandson of legendary actor Rana – and tells a compelling tale about a hero who espouses nonviolence yet must take revenge for those affected by violence against family and friends.

Raghu(Abhiram) and Ahalya(Geethika) are cousins who find love. Both families approve for them to marry; however, after their engagement Ahalya gets raped. Raghu decides to fight for justice on her behalf but encounters difficulty when taking up the case himself; Lakshmi(Sadha) steps up as his advocate to assist.

Abhiram Daggubati shines as the protagonist, but other actors such as Rajat Bedi, Manoj Tiger and Sadha don’t quite match up to expectations in this debut effort from director Vipul Shah. Overdramatic action scenes make watching it an unpleasant experience while it lacks momentum required of a thriller movie to keep audiences interested.