Calling Sahasra Full Movie Review 2023

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Calling Sahasra Movie

Calling Sahasra is a thrilling thriller that weaves together love story and subtly conveys social commentary. Sudigali Sudheer, best known for his roles on small screen like 2022 hit Gaalodu, stars as a cyber security professional who finds themselves dealing with strange events after purchasing a SIM card.


Story line

This movie boasts high production values but visuals were somewhat disappointing; the film looks like a TV serial, with poor colour grading. As in his role as lead in Jabardasth actor Sudheer impressed as an emotional protagonist; departing from his comedy image for melancholic roles that stood out. Siva Balaji performed admirably as Shiva.

Directed by Arun Vikkirala, this captivating tale is full of unexpected twists that promise to leave viewers spellbound. Skilfully merging an intriguing love story with an insightful message regarding crimes against women in the city. Sudheer shines as the romantic hero; his charm adds further intrigue while failing to deliver convincing dramatic performances in key scenes; Dolly Shah shines in her limited screen time role and delivers a solid performance as Dolly Shah’s female lead character.



Arun Vikkirala directs this movie featuring Sudigali Sudheer in the lead role and featuring Spandana Palli and Siva Balaji as key cast members. While intended to keep audiences gripped by twists and turns, Arun Vikkirala fails on this front as most scenes seem unrealistic and hard to believe; plus his attempts at coaxing performances from actors ultimately fails miserably.

Mohith Rahmaniac composed the music while Mark K Robin provided background score. Cinematographer D Shashi Kiran handled cinematography while Garry Bh handled editing duties. Shivaraj choreographed action sequences. Vijesh Kumar Tayal, Chiranjeevi Pamidi and Venkateswarulu Katuri produced it under their Shadow Media Productions and Radha Arts banners respectively, with chief guests at its prerelease event being JD Chakravarthy, Director Dasarath and Bommarillu Bhaskar among others!



Sudigali Sudheer returned to cinematic screen after an absence with Calling Sahasra, released across both Telugu states on December 1. Directed by Arun Vikkirala, Dollysha plays the female lead.

The movie follows a cybersecurity professional as she encounters strange occurrences shortly after receiving a new SIM card, delving further into crime thriller genre, specifically crimes committed against women in urban settings. Calling Sahasra emerged from this narrative within the movie itself and is the name given to it.

The movie features plenty of suspenseful twists and turns that keep audiences hooked throughout its running time. Sudigali Sudheer and Dollysha engage audiences with their captivating performances while D Shashi Kiran’s cinematography and Shivaraj’s action provide technical value; Mohith Rahmaniac composed its soundtrack. Shadow Media Productions and Radha Arts produced it.


Release date

Suspense thriller that tells the tale of a cyber security professional who begins receiving perplexing calls after purchasing a SIM card from his provider, only to realize they are being targeted by an infiltrating hacker who wants to reveal all his dark secrets and threaten his livelihood. His subsequent responses form the backbone of this narrative.

Sudigali Sudheer makes an impressionful transition into lead roles after his powerful performance in Gallodu and stands out with his work in Calling Sahasra. His intense acting shows through, expertly depicting the struggle and pain experienced by his character.

Dollysha, Spandana Palli and Siva Balaji all star in this Telugu thriller movie. Mohith Rahmaniac composed its score while Mark K Robin composed its background score; cinematographer D. Shashi Kiran shot its images while editing was completed by Garry Bh. The movie was produced under Radha Arts and Shadow Media Production banners respectively.