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Maa Oori Polimera 2 Review


Maa Oori Polimera 2 has finally hit theaters following an overwhelming amount of fan anticipation. Starring Satyam Rajesh, Baladitya and Rakendu Mouli in leading roles, this movie is garnering positive responses from audiences everywhere.

This movie is the sequel to one released two years ago on an online streaming service platform and promises to engage and excite audiences alike. A dark thriller awaits them!


The Story


After the success of its 2021 predecessor, Maa Oori Polimera 2 promises even deeper mystery. Transported into an alternate reality of black magic and superstition, viewers enter an incredible world where strange deaths and unexplainable phenomena take center stage. Starring Satyam Rajesh and Kamakshi Bhaskarla in lead roles respectively and directed by Dr. Anil Vishwanath who continues his distinguished cinematographic work by coaching actors into captivating performances on-screen.

The tale takes place in Jastipalli village where PC Jangaiah (Baladitya) sets off on a mission to locate his missing brother Komuraiah who was believed to be involved with black magic. At the same time, SI Ravindra Naik (Rakendu Mouli) arrives and begins investigating strange happenings related to an abandoned Vishnu temple and its hidden treasures.

The movie starts out well but quickly becomes predictable and monotonous in parts. But then the second half kicks in, where Satyam Rajesh and Kamakshi really shine and bring their A game. Additionally, Getup Srinu, Chitram Seenu, Rakendu Mouli, Baladitya and Sahithi Dasari do excellently in their respective roles.


The Cast


Following on the success of its first part, which was released via an OTT platform, Maa Oori Polimera 2 will make its way onto movie screens soon. Directed by Anil Vishwanath and featuring Satyam Rajesh, Sahiti Dasari, Kamakshi Bhaskarla Chitram Seenu Rakendu Mouli Baladitya as key cast members.

This film picks up where its predecessor left off, taking place in a sleepy village called Jastipalli. The plot centers around Komaraiyya (Satyam Rajesh) and mysterious deaths that occur within Jastipalli; Sub-Inspector Ravindra Naik (Rakendu Mouli), assigned to investigate these deaths, arrives in Jastipalli to probe them further and uncovers many unknown secrets buried deep below its surface.

Anil Vishwanath unleashes his imagination with this film about black magic, creating a thrilling thriller with surprising turns that leaves audiences gasping at every turn. However, at times the plot seems forced and unconvincing to viewers.

However, the film excels due to its compelling screenplay and music from Gnani and Kushedar Ramesh Reddy’s cinematography – in particular Getup Srinu and Rakendu Mouli’s performances – as well as Kushedar Ramesh Reddy’s cinematography that fits well within its genre. Not to forget Sree Vara’s adept editing!


The Director


Two years ago, Maa Oori Polimera debuted as an OTT movie on Disney+ to great acclaim and received positive response. Now its sequel has arrived on cinematic screens to reach more people – it tells the tale of an undercover cop searching for justice after his brother is murdered while uncovering some shocking facts in the process.

Anil Viswanath did an admirable job helming the first film and continues his remarkable work with its sequel. His tight screenplay connects both parts, while adding several thrilling plot twists that keep audiences riveted to their seats.

Viswanath depicted these ancient beliefs with incredible accuracy. Some scenes may be hard for nonbelievers to watch; Viswanath captured these archaic beliefs with stunning visuals.

Satyam Rajesh shines as Komarayya in Maa Oori Polimera 2, impressing audiences with his performance as Komarayya and other actors being very solid performers themselves. Gnani’s music fits well within this genre while Kushendar Ramesh Reddy’s cinematography perfectly portrays it. While Maa Oori Polimera 2 may contain many flaws, its entertainment value makes it worthwhile watching; making for an engaging yet dark thriller experience for viewers.


The Music


Maa Oori Polimera 2, released as an OTT movie on Hotstar two years ago, picks up where its predecessor left off. Directed by Anil Vishwanath and starring Satyam Rajesh as lead protagonist with Kamakshi Bhaskarla, Baladitya, Rakendu Mouli, Getup Srinu, Chitram Seenu providing support roles.

Set in the superstitious village of Jastipalli, this story follows Jangaiah (Baladitya). After his elder brother Komuraiah is reported missing and suspected to have engaged in black magic practices, Jangaiah takes up the mission of uncovering all truth. During his research he stumbles across shocking secrets regarding an impenetrable Lord Vishnu temple with treasure hidden within.

Once the first segment ends, viewers become fully engaged with this movie. The screenplay, direction and performances by its cast are outstanding; yet some scenes lack logic, making the movie less captivating than its predecessor.

Baladitya and Kamakshi Bhaskarla give outstanding performances; however, the rest of the cast ranges from decent to forgettable. Still, this dark mystery thriller provides an enjoyable viewing experience for fans of dark mystery thrillers; its beautiful locations and picturesque temple locations such as Kerala’s Anandha Padmanabhaswamy Temple provide stunning visuals and provide a backdrop. Kushender Reddy handled cinematography. Gowr Kriesna produced under Shree Krishna Creations banner.