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Keeda Cola Movie Review


Keeda Cola movie offers an engaging tale that showcases many characters. Each actor fit their roles seamlessly and provided audiences with entertaining performances.

Tharun Bhascker has an impressive resume when it comes to filmmaking, and his movies usually boast unique characters with eccentric personalities. But in this particular effort he seems somewhat disoriented and disproportional.

Chaitanya Rao


Tharun Bhascker made his filmmaking debut with this crime comedy movie. Though its plot may seem familiar, there’s enough quirkiness and entertainment in it. Each of the characters contribute to adding extra fun: from Jeevan’s assistant Naidu and Vasu to his grandfather Vasu and finally CEO Neal; all have unique characterizations that add spice and humor.

Chaitanya Rao shines once again in this film despite not playing his strongest character yet. There are some laugh-out-loud moments during its first half; its director’s unique vision and commendable performances by cast make for an engaging watch.

It may not resonate well with all viewers; additionally, some scenes may cause discomfort; moreover, its climax sequences don’t deliver on expectations. Still, this movie remains well worth viewing.

Vivek Sagar’s soundtrack for this film is truly outstanding, creating an irresistibly melodious score of background scores, hummings and beat songs that give the movie its signature soundscape. Aaron’s cinematography was also excellent.



This movie is full of absurd situations and characters, most of whom work well together. The climax is also captivating and enjoyable to watch; prison scenes were especially hilarious with sniper character contributing to its chaos. Unfortunately, its conclusion was somewhat predictable, suggesting more attention by director could have been spent developing it further.

Tharun Bhascker of Pelli Choopulu and Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi fame is back with Keedaa Cola, set for release on 26th September. Its trailer has caught audience interest, featuring a bottle of cola with an insect trapped inside. Alongside this comes an assortment of quirky characters.

Chaitanya Rao stars alongside Brahmanandam and Rag Mayur in this film set against a backdrop of a gang attempting to sue a cola company for selling contaminated drinks.

This movie offers several memorable lines and amusing scenes that will keep audiences laughing for most of its run time. Gang members arguing over English-speaking hours and an unsightly sniper character’s POV shots being rendered invisible are among its standout scenes.

Tharun Bhascker directs this film with an ensemble cast and it showcases Brahmanandam in a never-seen role while Jeevan gives a standout full-length performance. Additionally, Vivek Sagar provides some good musical support.

Rag Mayur


Tharun Bhascker has long enthralled audiences with his work as both actor and director, producing hit movies such as Pelli Choopulu and Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi. Most recently he has brought us Keedaa Cola – an eccentric crime comedy featuring eccentric characters – ensuring its reach among an appropriate target audience thanks to a clever script and exceptional cast performances.

Rag Mayur stands out among his colleagues with an outstanding performance in this movie, setting himself apart from the competition by being both natural and believable in portraying his character, as well as excelling with comedy timing and delivery of hilarious dialogue. Other members of the cast also gave outstanding performances and the film scores highly on technical aspects thanks to AJ Aaron’s cinematography and Vivek Sagar’s music compositions.

Vaastu (Chaitanya Rao), who suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome, lives with his grandfather Varadaraju and lawyer friend Lancham in an attempt to make money by filing suit against the cola company after finding a cockroach inside one of its bottles of soda.

This movie provides an enjoyable watch but may not appeal to everyone. The plot may be thin and some scenes do not feel convincing. However, the outstanding performances by Chaitanya Rao and Brahmanandam more than make up for any shortcomings in the production.

Tharun Bhascker


Tharun Bhascker’s previous two hits Pelli Choopulu and Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi were well received, so his next film Keeda Cola is expected to attract audiences into theaters. A quirky caper comedy featuring Brahmanandam as one of its protagonists should keep viewers coming in droves to theaters.

Tharun Bhascker is an accomplished filmmaker who has long charmed Telugu audiences with his creative storytelling techniques and audio-visual craftsmanship. Additionally, the director is famous for his quirky writing and eccentric characters in his movies – Keeda Cola being no exception! Keeda Cola offers strong narrative with an engaging storyline.

Though entertaining in parts, this film does have some flaws, including its slow pace and thin plot. Chaitanya Rao and Jeevan Kumar give great performances; Tharun Bhascker shines as lead actor Naidu. His funny one-liners and deadpan remarks make the experience worthwhile for viewers.

Highlight of this movie is its quirky comedy that provides plenty of belly laughs. Additionally, there is some captivating cinematography and an enjoyable score by Vivek Sagar that should keep audiences happy throughout. Overall, the movie can be enjoyed without high expectations; Tharun fans in particular will likely appreciate his return after such a long hiatus.