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Chinna Movie

Siddharth’s Chinna received positive reviews in Tamil cinema but failed to resonate with audiences in Telugu states despite sensitive yet potency portrayal of child rape issue.

Siddharth’s portrayal of Chinna, who stands accused of raping his friend’s niece, creates an unforgettable image, while Sahasra Sree’s turn as Sundari brings empathy from audiences.

Story line

Chinna is an impactful film that tackles difficult subjects like child abuse and sexual assault head-on without resorting to overly graphic visuals or gratuitous dialogue; rather it relys on powerful dialogues for impactful storytelling. Although flawed in parts, Chinna remains worth watching despite any issues it might contain.

Chinna Babu is a small-time municipal worker and the sole caretaker for Chitti, his elder brother’s daughter. When Chitti goes missing, a dramatic chain of events unfolds with Chinna seeking her release resulting in stunt sequences, down-to-earth humor and romance being evenly balanced according to Sundar C. It features popular baddies Mansoor Ali Khan and Ponnambalam playing key roles.

Siddharth gives an incredible performance in this film, giving a captivating yet heartfelt performance that will touch audiences worldwide. Nimisha Sajayan and other actors also deliver wonderful acting turns; additionally, the cinematography and soundtrack elevate the experience further.

SU Arun Kumar made a commendable effort in crafting Chinna as an engaging film, though there may have been room for improvement with regards to script and editing out certain scenes such as Eeswar roughing up family friends in anger; such scenes might have changed the atmosphere of the movie and compromised its authenticity.


This movie centers around the relationship between an uncle and his niece. With its intricate plot and gripping moments, as well as its topic of discussing sensible yet hard-hitting issues. Siddharth delivers an impressive performance in this film which addresses such subjects. Additionally, its trailer was recently released to great acclaim from viewers.

Nimisha Sajayan and Siddharth star in this comedy film that offers plenty of stunt sequences and down-to-earth humor, plus Imman’s upbeat songs provide entertainment throughout. Additionally, its screenplay is simple but effective and fits Sidharth’s “simple man” persona perfectly; his charisma shines through beautifully as well.

Sidharth had been struggling lately as an actor. This film provided him with an opportunity to shine as an authoritative uncle while still managing to amuse audiences; for fans of Sidharth it should definitely be watched!

This movie is an intriguing drama thriller with an engaging plot and powerful performances by its lead actors. Set in a small town where sexual assaults are commonplace, Sundari lives with her overprotective mother and her eccentric uncle Eshwar; Eshwar becomes obsessed with Sundari and often stays close by her side; even to locking his house’s gate so nobody else can enter!


Chinna is an entertaining film despite its dark story, thanks to Siddharth’s stunning acting and nature performances as well as Nimisha Sajayan’s solid turn as lead actress. Some scenes and elements may not appeal to everyone though.

The movie centers around an uncle and his niece’s relationship, and when she goes missing he embarks on a quest to track her down and reveal the truth behind her abduction. SU Arunkumar directed this moving tale with immense skill.

Stories with such serious themes require characters with strong emotional ties to one another; unfortunately, Siddharth and the child lack such an attachment, though more scenes showing their interaction and crafting more compelling dialogue would have strengthened this aspect of the film’s plot.

On Friday, October 6, SU Arun Kumar’s Telugu-dubbed version of Tamil movie Chittha will make its way into cinemas for release. Promising an emotional experience that tugs at our hearts, its trailer offers an eye-opening glimpse into its plot: Siddharth plays Eeshwar – an uncle who cares deeply for Sundari like it were his own daughter until her sudden disappearance prompts Eeshwar on an adventure to find her.


Cinematography in this film is one of its outstanding aspects, beautifully capturing the stunning countryside scenes and providing a treat for nature enthusiasts. Furthermore, there’s also an interesting plotline and cast performances by Siddharth Sajayan that are worthy of praise – making this an absolute box office success!

Siddharth plays the title role in this rural drama starring as an uncle taking care of his niece. It’s a heartwarming tale that deals with an important issue within society and will appeal to both young people as well as fans of old-style family dramas. Siddharth was previously popular as romantic hero in Telugu films like Nuvvosthanante Nenoddantana and Bommarillu but now wants to return as producer with something truly distinct in order to come back into market and show fans his skills as producer!

Karthi’s recent film release ‘Khaki’ has proven an overwhelming success at the box-office, earning him much-deserved success from fans throughout Tamil Nadu. Buoyed by this success, the actor decided to follow up with another rural-themed entertainer directed by Pandiraj and featuring Karthi, Sayesha Saigal and other actors as lead roles. Suriya produced it under 2D Entertainments banner.